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After 2 years of campaigning, we're over the moon to announce that our venue has found a home in a former working men's club in the heart of Catford Town Centre. The building, which is owned by Lewisham Council, has been disused for a number of years and is in need of some serious TLC.


We've secured a 10 year lease on the site (with a minimum term of 7 years), and the entire lease will be subject to a peppercorn rent (meaning we won't pay any! How good is that?!). All we need to do is raise the funds to carry out the renovation needed to bring the building back into use, and crack on with making it a fantastic cultural hub for our local community. 



Our new venue is in Catford Town Center, just 4 minutes walk from the twin Catford Stations, and served by a number of local bus routes. Tucked away between Thomas Lane Car Park and Winslade Way, the venue is set in its own private yard, offering the perfect balance between easy of access and that tucked-away-hidden-gem feel that makes for the best live music spots.

Brookdale exterior - Vector.png
Brookdale live room - vector.png


With space for a 300 cap live room, an additional 75 cap community lounge space, its own private yard, a commercial kitchen, and studio space on the upper floor, the possibilities for what we can do with our building are endless!

Our live room will host multi-disciplinary arts programming with a strong focus on platforming high quality local talent. 

Brookdale inside.png

Our community lounge will function as a cafe & creative workspace by day, and a bar by night. We'll use this space for community events like supper clubs, radical reading groups, activist group meetings, soup kitchens, and much more!

The yard will give us space for hosting record fairs, arts & craft markets, a community veg patch, and more!


AUGUST 2023: We've now submitted our planning application to Lewisham Council/ CRPL for their approval as our landlord. Once we receive their consent we can move forward with submitting our application to the planning department.

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