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Before you buy shares in Sister Midnight, we recommend that you read our Share Offer, Business Plan, and Society Rules, so that you understand the terms & condition

Before you invest make sure you read our:


-> Share Offer Document

-> Business Plan

-> Society Rules


What is Sister Midnight?

Who can buy shares & become a member?

What are Community Shares?

Sister Midnight is a Community Benefit Society - a type of co-operative organisation that is owned and democratically run by its members. 

Anyone can become a member by buying shares in Sister Midnight. One share is £100, but if you apply to our affordable shares scheme you can become a member from £25.

Community Shares are, legally speaking,  withdrawable shares in a community benefit society, but they work a lot like a savings account. When you invest in community shares, you'll become a member of our society, and we'll use the capital you've invested to meet our organisation aims - which in this case is creating the first community owned venue in Lewisham.


We'll pay a modest rate of interest on your investment, and once we're up and running, you'll be able to get your money back (providing we're doing well as a business and have sufficient trading surpluses!) You can't sell your shares to someone else, and they won't ever increase in value, but they're a fantastic way to support community businesses like ours. 

What do Members Get?

• Ownership of our venue & the societies assets, alongside our other members


• A vote at our AGM, and on other important issues facing the society

• The chance to elect and be elected to the Board of Directors

• 3% interest paid on your shareholding, which we're aiming to pay from Year 2 onwards


​​• The ability to withdraw your share capital and get your money back, with capital being made available for withdrawal from Year 3 onwards

• SEIS/EIS Tax Relief of 30-50%

Where will the share capital raised be used for?

We're aiming to raise £500K to open our new community owned music venue in Catford. We've secured a site on a 10 year rent free lease, but we need to cover all the costs of renovation & fit out, and this is what we're fundraising towards!

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